Add/View Notes from the PBE Results Page

When reviewing the email addresses for the open/click/bounce stats of previously sent Personalized Bulk Emails (PBE’s), you can now enter a note or email reminder directly from the same page. See screenshot below.

This column works exactly as it does on the customer tab- the speech bubble with a green plus sign is used to add a note, hovering over the pink speech bubble will bring up a pop-up showing all notes for the customer, clicking the magnifying glass allows you to search through the customer’s notes with keywords.

This page is accessed by clicking on the number associated with different email stats. e.g.; opened, bounced.
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notes pbe stats

PBE Eblast Analytics

Who is Opening Your Email Blasts?

See who is or isn’t receiving your Eblasts, opening your messages, or clicking on the links inside.

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Keep an Eye on Your Unsubscribers & Re-Engage Them

After you send a bulk email, see who unsubscribes and possibly reengage with them.

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Who is Opening Your Email Blasts?

Showroom Exchange allows you to view the statistics of your sent personalized bulk emails (PBE), such as open-rate, click-through rate, and bounced emails.

From the Customer tab, click “PBE sent items” to show a list of all of your showroom’s most recent e-blasts.

Click on the pie chart to see the statistics of the respective e-blast.


After clicking on the pie chart, you can view a break down of how your recipients have engaged with your message. It is best to view the chart 24 to 48 hours after sending, as recipients rarely open e-blasts immediately.

Out of the total messages sent, you can see how many were delivered and how many bounced. Delivery does not suggest the recipient has viewed the e-blast.

The next section breaks down the bounced emails, showing why the messages did not reach the recipients.

Open Statistics shows how many recipients opened the email and how many clicked on embedded links (if any).

By clicking on the number next to a statistic, you can view the associated email addresses. In the example below, clicking on the 3 next to “Recipients Opened” shows the three addresses that opened this email.

sent pbe3

Essential Features for Report Results

When reviewing report results, there are several useful features that make your day-to-day more efficient and increase your business.
Showroom owners/managers may restrict their reps ability to Save and/or Print the report result.

Once a report is generated, there are many ways you can work with the result:

1) Clicking the printer icon allows you to print the report.

2) Clicking the floppy disk icon saves/exports the report. In the drop down menu next to the icon, you can select the file type the file will save as. Most commons formats are PDF and CSV (for Excel).

3) You can send a Personalized Bulk Email to all of the contacts within the report. You can also export a list of all email address within the report that you can use to create a bulk email.

4) You can email the report itself.

5) You can create a note under all of the customers within the report.

report features




Saved Searches

If you have a repeated report that you often use the same criteria, save time by saving the report criteria so you don’t have to reenter the filters every time.

1) Click “Save Report Criteria” near the top of the page.

2) Click “add current search” once the criteria you wish to save has been entered.

3) Enter a name you would like to save the search as. Click the green check mark.

4) Click “saved searches” for a list of your searches to appear. Delete your saved searches by clicking “remove all searches”

saved search reports

Personalized Bulk Email, the Basics

Why Send a Test Before Releasing the Final e-Blast?

Send a test to make sure your email blast looks fine before sending it out to ALL of your recipients. You can ONLY send the blast when at least one test has been sent.
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Manage Your Personalized Bulk Email Templates

Save time creating future email blasts by saving your current one as a Template.
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3 Different Methods for Inserting Pictures

Make your email eye catching and well designed by embedding an image.
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Manage Your Personalized Bulk Email Templates

If you reuse the same content or design of a personalized-bulk-email (PBE) often, you can save it as a template.

Use the ‘Save’ option to recall your PBE for future campaigns.

To save your PBE for future reference, click the “Templates” button (as shown) after you have composed it. Choose “save as template” and enter a unique description (e.g.; Coterie Invitation) Next, click “submit” to save it.


pbe templates1


To retrieve a template you have saved, click “templates” and select “choose an existing template” as shown. From the next drop-down select the template you wish to re-use. Click “submit”. The content of the template will appear shortly thereafter.

pbe templates2

pbe templates 3


To delete a saved template, click “templates,” choose option “delete an existing template,” choose the template you wish to delete, and click “submit.”

pbe templates 4

pbe templates 3

Re-engaging Customers who have Unsubscribed from PBE

The envelope (email icon) with a red dot under the manage column, denotes 1 or more contacts that have unsubscribed from your e-blasts (personalized bulk emails.)



During your next contact with these customers, you can ask for feedback to reduce future unsubscribes. e.g.; What was the main reason for you to unsubscribe? Too many e-blasts from our showroom? Content was not right?

If they decide to subscribe again, send them the following link:

Once they submit their address, Showroom Exchange will send an email with their profile. They can then resubscribe to your e-blasts.

Reduce the Risk of e-balsts Getting Tagged as Spam

When composing your Personalized Bulk Email [PBE], use the list of available fields on the right (see screenshot below) to personalize your email blast to reduce the chances of your email being marked as spam.

Spammers rarely personalize, as they do not have full customer details, so not personalizing shows a similar behavior and puts your e-blast in their category.



Personalizing Bulk Email

Test Option for Personalized Bulk Emails

You may now test your PBE by sending it to any address. Initially your own address will be populated, but you can edit it by clicking on the email. To edit the test address, click on the email address and then click save icon once the other address has been entered.

Testing your PBE is important because this way you make sure everything looks the way it should before you send it out to mass amounts of people

Test option for Personalized Bulk Emails