Commission Tracking Best Practices

  1. after inputting or importing invoices (from brands’ commission statements), run the “Commissions” report to confirm brand/mfr payment matches the report result
  2. run the “Open Orders” report by brand to collect on missing commissions (for partial or unshipped orders) or issue a full/partial cancellation to close the open balance. you can issue the cancellations per order or in bulk for multiple orders.
  3. run the “Commission Projections” report to audit past months or to project future receivables.

Commit to Under-Scheduling in 2016

2016 is right around the corner so I wanted to share some highlights from a recent article.

Small shifts in how you use your time can make a difference in your satisfaction with work-life.

Make it a rule to have at least 15 minutes between back-to-back meetings
those few minutes can help you feel good about what you accomplished and leave satisfied.

Block out a few hours of uninterrupted time each week
to move ahead on a priority project or to exercise.

Define success
make sure you know what you’re trying to accomplish.

Be honest about “must do” activities
don’t commit yourself to something that turns into a burden or obligation when it was self-generated.

Under-schedule your calendar
create open space in your calendar for a good work/life balance that will allow you to focus on a single task.

Decline activities and tasks that aren’t aligned
don’t keep accepting projects or tasks that you don’t have the time for, focus on what’s already on your calendar.

Savor the beauty of the everyday
simply put, work is not all that life has to offer.


Link to full article:

The best e-blast is worthless if it’s never opened

Good subject lines are short and descriptive.

Here are some ideas for your next e-blast:


Subject-line Type: What to do: Example:
The informational Placing pertinent information in your subject lines. Apparel Magic show: August 8
The Personal Include recipients first name and other personal info. Thanks for joining us, Shelly.
The Urgent Creating a sense of urgency has been proven to get people to take action. 2 days left to register for Coterie!
The Clever & Catchy A clever joke can get your email opened and shared. Keep those buns warm
The Short & Sweet Given that most smartphones only display five or six words in the subject line Checking in
The List Incorporating numbers into your subject line creates focus, as our brains are naturally drawn to digits. 3 ways to make your small Showroom look big
The Question Asking readers a question How safe are your Linesheets?
The How-to Offers insight into the specific benefit readers will find when they open your email. How to grow your email list
The Scarce Humans have a deep fear of missing out—on anything. Just 10 tickets left to WWD guest speaker!
The Local Location-specific language and offers shows readers that you’ve done your homework. Where to eat right now in the Fashion District
The trendy topic Style sells Cool colors for spring
The Controversial The best subject lines grab attention, and controversy can help you
do that. Note: Risky
Your sales team sucks!
The Keyword What exact phrases might people type into Google? The added benefit: Better search ability for your messages. Slim fitting jeans: What works
The Command Tells readers exactly what you want them to do Join us for Dallas Market Week!
The Statistics Offers straightforward insight while also piquing curiosity You could lose 50% of your bookings
The Sneak Peek Everyone wants to be a trendsetter or early adopter, so why not feed that desire? Sneak peek at our new Look Book!
The Offer Great Incentives inspire great responses. Win a trip to Paris!


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How to get answers for your SE Qs?

The fastest way to get answers to your SE questions or to resolve an issue is to e-mail with a description of your question and any relevant info.

If the solution/response is complex, we will call you. If it’s simple, we’ll send you step-by-step instructions or a brief how-to video.

Why e-mailing is Faster Than Calling:

  • e-mails sent to automatically generate a help ticket and are prioritized.
  • We can respond to tickets during non-business hours or while on another call.
  • Avoids voice messages and phone tagging.

Customize Rankings

Admin users now have the ability to rename the default labels for the Ranking feature.

Now you can customize the purpose of the ranking feature while making its meaning clear to your whole team.

To customize your Ranking labels, click on the pencil next to “Ranking” at the top of the ranking column (as shown below). Enter your own labels and click save.


customize rankings

Saved Searches/Views

With the “Saved Searches” feature, you can save searches or views (selection of columns) you use frequently to save time having to re-enter them. This also enables you to view only those columns that are relevant to your active task.

This feature is available on the customer, order, invoice, credit memo, and notes tab.

To save a search, first make sure the current search is cleared by clicking “clear search.” Next use customize this view to select the columns you wish to show/hide. More on customize this view here. In the example below, I’m creating a custom view (choosing specific columns) for my market calls, so I’ve chosen to only see customer name, contact, phone number, last cancel date, mfr, and market call notes.

saved searches1



If you’d like to enter a specific search to save, or save a specific segment of your customers, enter the search (i.e. everyone in a certain territory, everyone who has purchased in the last year, etc.)

Clicked “Saved Searches,” then “add current search,” then enter a name for this view/search you will remember, such as “mkt calls.”

saved searches2



To load a saved search, open the “Saved Searches” drop down menu and click on the saved search label you are looking for. The page will reload with the saved column view and the search criteria originally entered.
Best Practice:
For every task you do repeatedly, have a saved search for it, whether it’s market calls, checking distribution, or sending emails. You could also have a “simple” view for quick viewing essential information and a “full/standard” view to see everything.