PBE Eblast Analytics

Who is Opening Your Email Blasts?

See who is or isn’t receiving your Eblasts, opening your messages, or clicking on the links inside.

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Keep an Eye on Your Unsubscribers & Re-Engage Them

After you send a bulk email, see who unsubscribes and possibly reengage with them.

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Re-engaging Customers who have Unsubscribed from PBE

The envelope (email icon) with a red dot under the manage column, denotes 1 or more contacts that have unsubscribed from your e-blasts (personalized bulk emails.)



During your next contact with these customers, you can ask for feedback to reduce future unsubscribes. e.g.; What was the main reason for you to unsubscribe? Too many e-blasts from our showroom? Content was not right?

If they decide to subscribe again, send them the following link:


Once they submit their address, Showroom Exchange will send an email with their profile. They can then resubscribe to your e-blasts.