AutoTags identify repeat customers with missed bookings

Where: Customer View/Tab
Why: SE can identify Customers/Retailers that are missing recent bookings for reach-out

When a customer meets the conditions of an AutoTag rule you define, SE will tag them automatically. In below example, I have set up a rule where customers will be tagged when their last order of Humin was more than 3 months ago. Because my customer, Selfridges has not ordered Humin within 3 months, an Autotag appears, distinguishable from manual tags because of its green dot.

When a retailer/customer meets the rule conditions of an AutoTag (defined by you), they will be tagged automatically. In the example below, I have set up a rule where customers will be tagged when their last order of (mfr) Humin was more than 3 months ago. Because, Selfridges has not ordered Humin within 3 months, an AutoTag appears, distinguishable from manual tags because of its green dot and grey background.

If this particular customer has been contacted, or this tag is no longer relevant (e.g.; Customer is skipping the season) the tag may be marked as Complete by clicking the X icon. The Completion status can also be undone, brought back to its active state by clicking the ↺

Additionally if the customer places a new order for Humin, the tag will be automatically marked as Complete.

How to use the AutoTag label:

After a Tag is assigned and when a new order (or an existing order is edited) satisfies the condition of the rule, the tag will be greyed-out (change its status from [1] to [2]). Reps can also overwrite/toggle the status from [1] to [2] (and vice versa) by clicking the X or ↺. An AutoTag in the [2]nd status indicates the customer has met the rep’s expectation.

Enabling AutoTags:

(1) from the customer tab
(2) click customize-this-view
(3) select the Tags checkbox
(4) click [save selections] button
(5) confirm that the Tags column is visible

Creating an AutoTag rule:

(A) AutoTags appear in the same column as rep-assigned Tags.
To create your 1st rule, click the [AutoTags] icon on the column header.
(H) Click the [Add AutoTag Rule] button and populate (F), the name of the rule and (G), the condition that should trigger the customer getting AutoTagged

Disabling an AutoTag rule:

(E) AutoTag Rules can be disabled by toggling them off. If disabled, existing tags will be removed.

AutoTags appear under the Tag columns. By clicking Here, your showroom can request for the column header caption “Tags” to be renamed to a caption of your own choosing, e.g.; “Leads”, “Targets”, etc.

IF THE TAGS COLUMN IS NOT VISIBLE, use customize this view to enable it.

Add/View Notes from the PBE Results Page

When reviewing the email addresses for the open/click/bounce stats of previously sent Personalized Bulk Emails (PBE’s), you can now enter a note or email reminder directly from the same page. See screenshot below.

This column works exactly as it does on the customer tab- the speech bubble with a green plus sign is used to add a note, hovering over the pink speech bubble will bring up a pop-up showing all notes for the customer, clicking the magnifying glass allows you to search through the customer’s notes with keywords.

This page is accessed by clicking on the number associated with different email stats. e.g.; opened, bounced.
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notes pbe stats

Filter/Search Customers by Manufacturer Exclusions

There is a new manufacturer exclusion icon in the search row under the manage column. Clicking this icon will allow you to filter (or search) for your customers that are excluded from one, or several, of your manufacturers. Just check the mfr(s) you’d like to see all excluded customers for and click save.

If you’d like to only see customers without exclusions, there’s a checkbox at the bottom of the window labeled “Customers without a mfr exclusion” that you can select. Clicking save will show customers that are not excluded from any mfr.

Like all other forms of filtering and searching, this filter can be used with other column filters to make defined search lists. You can remove the search/filter by clicking “clear search”
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mfr exclusion filtering

If You Own, There is No Need to Send From “DO_NOT_…@…”

In order to send eblasts from we need to update your domain records (for hosted @, we can provide the records to be added in a csv (or excel) file.

This is not something we opted in for, but fully support. Our email relay provider has made their rules stricter to minimize spams.

There are 3 ways to handle this, (all 3 will require your login credentials for
1. Ask your i.t. contact to make the change (with CSV/Excel file we will provide) and let us know once you’re done.
2. Provide your login credentials to us and we will do the rest. YOU SHOULD change your password after we’re done.
3. If you prefer not to share your password, we can remote connect and guide you through the process.

After the change @ your registrar, on average, it takes approx 2 to 4 hours (we have seen it as little as 30 min and as long as 6 hours) after the change takes affect. Next we will receive a notice that your domain is verified.

We will let you know and you can start/resume sending blasts as

Certain DNS hosting providers such as Yahoo will need to be contacted directly to add the new DNS records. Others like GoDaddy are fast and easy to update.

Though we have referenced your registrar in this blog post, your name servers (DNS Hosting) is what interests us:



The new app DriveGuardian, a r|t|v project, has launched!
There have been too many tragic stories of Texting & Driving. This app was created to make a difference.
The app should be installed on the driver’s cell phone (be it son, daughter, mom, dad, sibling, friend, or employee), by the responsible party.
When the app senses motion, it temporarily limits phone functions to calling up to 4 contacts & 911.
Please pass the word on. A favorable rating is greatly appreciated.
DriveGuardian is only for the Android phone… Why not the iPhone?
At the present it is not possible to override the iPhone’s (iOS) home button. This contradicts the purpose of the App.

For download or more info check out the site:

Reports Page

We have updated the reports view page in our ongoing efforts to make showroom exchange more user friendly.

So what’s new?

We have:
– simplified the title of all the reports
– added report descriptions (displayed on the right) to assist report selection
– grouped relevant reports

At the end of report descriptions, we have also included a reference to the old report name. e.g.; for Annual Sales by Month you will notice formerly: Sales Analysis by Year – Detailed

Your Showroom Address on The Bottom of Outgoing e-Blasts (PBEs)

Showroom Exchange will continue to comply with the can-spam act (i.e.; Rules for e-mail marketing).

To further automate this compliance, effective immediately, your showroom’s physical address will be displayed at the footer of your marketing emails.

If you manually added your physical address to your marketing emails, please discontinue as it will cause duplication.

In accordance with the can-spam act, you must also follow these 3 points:
1. Don’t use false or misleading header information. Your “From,” “To,” “Reply-To,” and routing information, including the originating domain name and email address, must be accurate and identify the person or business who initiated the message.
2. Don’t use deceptive subject lines. The subject line must accurately reflect the content of the message.
3. Identify the message as an ad. The law gives you a lot of leeway in how to do this, but you must disclose clearly and conspicuously that your message is an advertisement.

For additional information on the can-spam act please visit the link below:

Have You Seen This Before?

While working with showroom exchange, you may receive the following message due to an error.

Please provide a brief description of what you were doing right before the error occurred. Your message along with the relevant data collected will help us look into the issue and work towards a solution.

Simply clicking on the Submit button will not be helpful.

Using Pinterest with your Personalized Bulk Emails?


Social Media marketing is more prominent than ever. In particular Pinterest can help promote your showroom brands and their collections.

Here’s how:

1- Pinterest is an extremely visual social media site where users can “pin” images and categorize them to specific “dashboards.”
2- Showrooms can connect with buyers visually by creating “dashboards” for specific deliveries and or collections. (see screenshot below)
3- Showrooms can then use the dashboard link in a PBE (personalized bulk email) marketing campaign allowing buyers to see the items per specific delivery date. The images can be placed with additional information such as style #’s and price tags.

Pinterest is a great way for showrooms to quickly create an online catalog, look books or merchandising boards.

Click here to view a YouTube video: How to use Pinterest

Click below image to Enlarge a sample dashboard.