JSC – Clearing Java’s Cache

Occasionally you may be asked by a member of the Showroom Exchange support staff to “clear JSC cache”.
The following video demonstrates the process of clearing the JSC cache.
Though the recorded video is on the Windows platform, the process is similar for Mac. You can access the Java control panel from “System Preferences.”


How Much Excel is Too Much?

Excel has been around for sometime and has become an indispensable tool

While Excel is a great analytical tool and we encourage its use, small businesses must pay attention not just to the amount of time spent on Excel, but also to the frequency of use and what portion of that effort is redundant.

Meet with your team and determine the amount of time you spend manipulating Excel file s on a daily/weekly basis. Determine redundancy and use a simple equation to evaluate the cost to your business. e.g.; 4 hours per week @ $15/hr is just under $3,000/year. This cost does not include loss of efficiency by conducting other non-Excel related tasks.

Contact us to see if there is an existing report that is similar enough to minimize or eliminate your Excel effort , or about the possibility of creating a custom report to eliminate maintenance of an Excel file and free up time for other tasks.

(213) 438-0600 ext. 502




The new app DriveGuardian, a r|t|v project, has launched!
There have been too many tragic stories of Texting & Driving. This app was created to make a difference.
The app should be installed on the driver’s cell phone (be it son, daughter, mom, dad, sibling, friend, or employee), by the responsible party.
When the app senses motion, it temporarily limits phone functions to calling up to 4 contacts & 911.
Please pass the word on. A favorable rating is greatly appreciated.
DriveGuardian is only for the Android phone… Why not the iPhone?
At the present it is not possible to override the iPhone’s (iOS) home button. This contradicts the purpose of the App.

For download or more info check out the site:

AOL and Yahoo have changed their ‘Email Routing Policy’


  • IF YOU’RE NOT USING …@aol.com or …@yahoo.com, SKIP TO ‘SUGGESTION’

A few weeks ago, Yahoo and very recently AOL changed their DMARC policy to stop fraudulent emails.

How does this affect Showroom Exchange subscribers who use the e-blast (PBE) feature?
All e-blast senders that use a ‘From’ address with …@aol.com or …@yahoo.com will not be able to test their e-blasts. AOL & Yahoo will reject the inbound tests. Also, their deliverability will be negatively impacted.

We recommend using your own domain (e.g.; your_company_name.com) instead of yahoo.com, aol.com or other Majour-Email-Service-Provider.com.

If you need help registering a new domain and/or setting up email addresses for an existing domain, please contact your I.T. adviser.

It won’t be long before other ISPs, such as Gmail, Hotmail & Outlook, make DMARC policy changes similar to YAHOO & AOL. So don’t replace AOL or Yahoo with Gmail or another majour email hosting service. Establish your own domain name.

Does the DMARC policy change impact deliverability for my recipients (retail stores that use AOL or yahoo), if I’m already using a non-AOL or non-yahoo domain?

more about DMARC policy:

Why backup your PC?

your PC has just suffered a hard-drive failure. you’ve spent several hours on a tech-support call and your data is still irrecoverable. clean-room data-recovery facilities have quoted you several thousand dollars to ‘attempt’ to recover your data. their fee is due and payable regardless of the outcome.

now… use your time-machine to turn the clock back 1 day. you have the opportunity to conduct your own backups for a fraction of the cost. would you consider it?

what next?
contact us (sales@readytoview.com or 213-438-0600 x501) regarding our managed backup service starting @ $39 per mo. / Workstation and $150 per mo. / Server

How to resize images for Showroom Exchange quickly and easily

One common question is, “How do I re-size this picture for Showroom Exchange”

While there are many ways to do this, we have decided to write about two popular options.

For users who only need to re-size one or two pictures or who work on Apple computers, the easiest way is to visit http://www.picresize.com/
Once there, you can upload your image and select the size you want it to be. We recommend a custom size of 640×480 or smaller for pictures or 800×600 for flyer-type pictures. The supported format for Showroom Exchange is either JPG or GIF.

If you are a Windows user and find that you have to resize pictures frequently, you may want to download ‘Powertoy Image Resizer’ from http://imageresizer.codeplex.com/Release/ProjectReleases.aspx?ReleaseId=30247

Once this program is downloaded and installed, you can select one or multiple pictures, right click on your mouse and select ‘resize picture’ Our recommended settings are the same, either 640×480 or 800×600.

* Review picresize.com privacy/terms
* Always check with your i.t. contact before installing a new application.

watch out for fake anti-virus programs!

Fake Anti-Virus programs are easily mistaken for valid Anti-Virus programs. These programs can not only cause your PCs to run slow, they can also keep track of anything you type on your computer (credit card numbers, passwords, emails, etc).

If you haven’t already, please contact us or you current IT service provider to make sure you have a valid and up-to-date Anti-Virus program.


[from: downloadsquad.com]