How We Use SE to Track Potentials

We at Showroom Exchange use SE to manage follow-ups with our potentials.

We use Showroom Exchange in two ways to remind us to follow-up with showrooms:

1) the rating/profile fields, and
2) notes with email reminders

The rating and profile columns are great for tagging your customers. The great thing about these columns is that they are open to YOUR implementation and can be updated in BULK.
For example, after we’ve given a showroom their first training, we’ll put a “t1” in their rating profile, and a “t2” after their second. This allows us to reach out to customers that may have missed their second training session, (i.e. we’ll type “*t1*|^*t2*” into the search bar at the top of the column to see who has had their first training but not their second).

Below, we search “pot” to find customers we mark as potentials, whom we can send PBEs to, make market calls, etc.

multiple rep assignment3

2) Make Notes with Emailed Reminders

We also use reminders in the notes feature to be reminded of a specific action. For example, if we contact a potential and want to make sure a follow-up occurs, we’ll make a note for that customer with an email reminder. The email that we receive in a month, or a week… is the reminder to follow-up with the customer.

To make a note with a reminder:

1) Assign a due date
2) Confirm the address you want to send the reminder to
3) Check the box next to “send an email reminder to”

multpile rep assignment2

Market Call Labels – Make Sure You Reach Every Customer

While market call labels, like many features in Showroom Exchange, can be customized to adjust to the unique workflow of your showroom, below is one suggested use of market call labels- use it to keep track of your customers’ replies to your market (trade show) calls. Identify and follow-up with those customers that confirmed an appointment, but were unable to show.

market call labels1


First, make the labels you’ll need. Click here to see how to create market call labels. Add one for “attended.”

As you make your calls, mark the customers with their appropriate responses and make notes (in the market call column) when appropriate. Come up with an action plan for each label. For example, for every customer that says “follow-up,” set a reminder to follow up in 2 to 3 days before the show/market.

At the show or market, take note of who attends to mark their profile in Showroom Exchange as “attended.” After the market, you can look at who is still marked as “will attend” to see who wanted to see you but ended up missing their appointment. These customers have shown interest, so make sure to followup with them via phone call or PBE!

You can filter your customer list by market call labels. Use this to send eblasts and make notes to groups of customers based on their responses to your market calls. For the “follow-up” customers example above, filter by the “follow-up” label, click the “personalized bulk email” button at the bottom of the page, and in the popup, click on “notes for recipients” to make a note with a reminder for all “follow-up” customers (you don’t have to actually send an email).


market call labels2


You may also do the same by using the “add notes in bulk” icon.




When you’re done using these labels and its time to use new labels for the next market, use the market call label reset feature to reset labels and save your notes.



Personalized Bulk Email, the Basics

Why Send a Test Before Releasing the Final e-Blast?

Send a test to make sure your email blast looks fine before sending it out to ALL of your recipients. You can ONLY send the blast when at least one test has been sent.
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Manage Your Personalized Bulk Email Templates

Save time creating future email blasts by saving your current one as a Template.
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3 Different Methods for Inserting Pictures

Make your email eye catching and well designed by embedding an image.
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View Previously Sent Personalized Bulk Emails in Showroom Exchange

You now have the ability to view past personalized bulk emails [PBEs] sent on or after May 4th. This new feature allows you to search & list past PBEs, view their recipients and re-send the emails to either the original recipients or to a new set of customers listed on the customer view.

Please click on the link below to view a brief tutorial on how to access the previously sent emails. Initially you will not see any past emails since this feature is not retroactive.

This is the 1st of a few more features related to PBE, stay tuned…

Next, statistical information on sent emails. e.g., Bounce Rates, Open Rates, etc.

The Showroom Exchange Team