E-Blasts for Responsive (Mobile Friendly) Emails

A how-to for Personalized Bulk Email users who would like to…

– Deliver responsive (Mobile Friendly) emails
– Have more control over layout with the use of custom templates

The video is 6 min 45 secs long. It covers the [1] use of the template, [2] transfer of the content to SE’s Personalized Bulk Email and [3] the final touches and image upload.  It ends by showing the final e-blast on an iPhone’s mail and gmail apps.

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The best e-blast is worthless if it’s never opened

Good subject lines are short and descriptive.

Here are some ideas for your next e-blast:


Subject-line Type: What to do: Example:
The informational Placing pertinent information in your subject lines. Apparel Magic show: August 8
The Personal Include recipients first name and other personal info. Thanks for joining us, Shelly.
The Urgent Creating a sense of urgency has been proven to get people to take action. 2 days left to register for Coterie!
The Clever & Catchy A clever joke can get your email opened and shared. Keep those buns warm
The Short & Sweet Given that most smartphones only display five or six words in the subject line Checking in
The List Incorporating numbers into your subject line creates focus, as our brains are naturally drawn to digits. 3 ways to make your small Showroom look big
The Question Asking readers a question How safe are your Linesheets?
The How-to Offers insight into the specific benefit readers will find when they open your email. How to grow your email list
The Scarce Humans have a deep fear of missing out—on anything. Just 10 tickets left to WWD guest speaker!
The Local Location-specific language and offers shows readers that you’ve done your homework. Where to eat right now in the Fashion District
The trendy topic Style sells Cool colors for spring
The Controversial The best subject lines grab attention, and controversy can help you
do that. Note: Risky
Your sales team sucks!
The Keyword What exact phrases might people type into Google? The added benefit: Better search ability for your messages. Slim fitting jeans: What works
The Command Tells readers exactly what you want them to do Join us for Dallas Market Week!
The Statistics Offers straightforward insight while also piquing curiosity You could lose 50% of your bookings
The Sneak Peek Everyone wants to be a trendsetter or early adopter, so why not feed that desire? Sneak peek at our new Look Book!
The Offer Great Incentives inspire great responses. Win a trip to Paris!


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The Address of this Reply from my PBE isn’t in my Customer List

If you receive a reply from a personalized bulk email (PBE) you’ve sent and cannot find the replying email address anywhere in your contacts, the most likely cause will be that you are sending to an address that auto-forwards to another address.

One thing you can do to find the correct contact in your account is to look at any personalized entries (e.g. “Hi [sFirstName]” turns into “Hi Amy”) and search for any contacts that match (e.g. any customers entered that have a contact named “Amy”). Another good reason to be personalizing your email blasts! (see: Reduce the Risk of e-blasts Getting Tagged as Spam)

Once you match the new address to the customer profile, be sure to update their email address in SE.

Personalized Bulk Email, the Basics

Why Send a Test Before Releasing the Final e-Blast?

Send a test to make sure your email blast looks fine before sending it out to ALL of your recipients. You can ONLY send the blast when at least one test has been sent.
Check out this other post to learn more…


Manage Your Personalized Bulk Email Templates

Save time creating future email blasts by saving your current one as a Template.
Check out this other post to learn more…


3 Different Methods for Inserting Pictures

Make your email eye catching and well designed by embedding an image.
Check out this other post to learn more…

Re-engaging Customers who have Unsubscribed from PBE

The envelope (email icon) with a red dot under the manage column, denotes 1 or more contacts that have unsubscribed from your e-blasts (personalized bulk emails.)



During your next contact with these customers, you can ask for feedback to reduce future unsubscribes. e.g.; What was the main reason for you to unsubscribe? Too many e-blasts from our showroom? Content was not right?

If they decide to subscribe again, send them the following link:


Once they submit their address, Showroom Exchange will send an email with their profile. They can then resubscribe to your e-blasts.

Reduce the Risk of e-balsts Getting Tagged as Spam

When composing your Personalized Bulk Email [PBE], use the list of available fields on the right (see screenshot below) to personalize your email blast to reduce the chances of your email being marked as spam.

Spammers rarely personalize, as they do not have full customer details, so not personalizing shows a similar behavior and puts your e-blast in their category.



Personalizing Bulk Email

Test Option for Personalized Bulk Emails

You may now test your PBE by sending it to any address. Initially your own address will be populated, but you can edit it by clicking on the email. To edit the test address, click on the email address and then click save icon once the other address has been entered.

Testing your PBE is important because this way you make sure everything looks the way it should before you send it out to mass amounts of people

Test option for Personalized Bulk Emails

Personalized Bulk Email Tracking

Showroom Exchange now allows you to track the deliverability of your personalized bulk emails. Check to see if your recipients opened your email campaign and view the click through rate for embedded links that they may have clicked.

Once your campaign is submitted it takes 1-2 hours from the time the recipient opens or clicks on the link for the stats to be populated. For this reason it is best to check campaign stats starting at least 4 hours after submission. Consider checking the stats for the same campaign at different times to track progress.

To track your email campaign, hover your mouse over “Customers” and click on “PBE sent items.”

PBE Sent Items



Click on the stats icon (pie graph) for your email campaign stats.

PBE Pie Chart Icon



Notice the “Overview”, “Open Stats” and “Link/Click stats” tabs (see screenshot below). The “Overview” tab covers the delivered and bounced rate of your email as well as general open and click statistics.

You can click on the number of Recipients Opened/Click to get more details on who specifically opened and displayed images or clicked on your links.




From the “Open Stats” tab you’ll be able to see your open statistics in more detail. You will be able to see unique v. total opens (definitions are on this tab).




On the “Click Stats” tab, you can see you click stats in more detail. Not only can you see unique v. total clicks, but you can see a unique/total click break down for each of the links within your email.




Click on the number to see who exactly clicked on the link.



IMPORTANT: Please understand that the open rate is not a 100% accurate measure. The “open” % rate is available only if the recipients email is capable of displaying html with images, and the “View Images” option is turned on when they view your email. If the recipient opens the email but does not allow displaying of images; stats cannot be logged. Link tracking is logged when the recipient clicks on any of your embedded links.


Subject: the subject for your PBE.
Sent: date and time sent.
PBE content: a copy of your sent PBE.
Total customer: the customers you chose to send to.
Total custom recipients: emails that you manually entered (not an existing customer record).
Total sent: count/percentage of total emails sent.
Delivered: count/percentage of emails delivered.
Bounced: count/percentage of emails bounced due to the following reasons below.
Bad address: count/percentage of recipients with incorrect email addresses.
Temporary error: count/percentage of recipients who may or may not receive your PBE. This condition applies to recipients whose mail servers remain (at the time of viewing the stats) unresponsive. No later than 5 days from the time the PBE was sent, these values should become bad address, spam complaint, other errors or delivered messages.
Spam complaint: count/percentage of recipients who marked your PBE as spam. This is most commonly done with the respective email program’s “this is spam”, “mark as spam” or “block all emails from this user”, etc.
Other: percentage of customers who did not receive your PBE that is not classified in the reasons above.

View Previously Sent Personalized Bulk Emails in Showroom Exchange

You now have the ability to view past personalized bulk emails [PBEs] sent on or after May 4th. This new feature allows you to search & list past PBEs, view their recipients and re-send the emails to either the original recipients or to a new set of customers listed on the customer view.

Please click on the link below to view a brief tutorial on how to access the previously sent emails. Initially you will not see any past emails since this feature is not retroactive.


This is the 1st of a few more features related to PBE, stay tuned…

Next, statistical information on sent emails. e.g., Bounce Rates, Open Rates, etc.

The Showroom Exchange Team