Waze Your Road Trip with Showroom Exchange

Showroom Exchange’s driving directions feature now has an option to send your trip plan to your Waze app!

Waze is a GPS-based navigation app for smartphones which provides turn-by-turn information and route details

Select the customers you want to visit as you normally would in the driving directions app (visit: http://blog.showroomexchange.com/the-new-and-improved-driving-directions/ for more info). Rather than clicking on “display route,” click on “waze it.”




An email will be sent to you. Open it on your smart-phone and it will look something like this…
Each link represents a different customer location. Click them one at a time to open the location in your Waze app.





Customer Locations and Mapping

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Driving Directions Between Customers

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Search for Customers by Zip Code

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