Add/View Notes from the PBE Results Page

When reviewing the email addresses for the open/click/bounce stats of previously sent Personalized Bulk Emails (PBE’s), you can now enter a note or email reminder directly from the same page. See screenshot below.

This column works exactly as it does on the customer tab- the speech bubble with a green plus sign is used to add a note, hovering over the pink speech bubble will bring up a pop-up showing all notes for the customer, clicking the magnifying glass allows you to search through the customer’s notes with keywords.

This page is accessed by clicking on the number associated with different email stats. e.g.; opened, bounced.
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notes pbe stats

Filter/Search Customers by Manufacturer Exclusions

There is a new manufacturer exclusion icon in the search row under the manage column. Clicking this icon will allow you to filter (or search) for your customers that are excluded from one, or several, of your manufacturers. Just check the mfr(s) you’d like to see all excluded customers for and click save.

If you’d like to only see customers without exclusions, there’s a checkbox at the bottom of the window labeled “Customers without a mfr exclusion” that you can select. Clicking save will show customers that are not excluded from any mfr.

Like all other forms of filtering and searching, this filter can be used with other column filters to make defined search lists. You can remove the search/filter by clicking “clear search”
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mfr exclusion filtering

Manufacturer Exclusion Warning When Adding an Order

Now when you try to enter an order for a customer with a manufacturer they have been excluded from, a warning will be displayed. This is to notify you of an existing exclusion for the specific customer/manufacturer combination and give you the opportunity to reconsider.

Users can still enter orders with a warning sign. The warning does not block the ability to enter orders.

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The warning appears on the add record page…


mfr exclusion warning




As well as on JSC

mfr exclusion warning2



Hotspots Now Show Dense Regions

We’ve updated the customer mapping feature to highlight hotspots.

Blue/Yellow circles indicate low/high dense areas:

As you zoom in, hotspots adjust accordingly:


Map Customer Locations:

You can now assign a single note to multiple manufacturers

We have made a change to the “notes” section of showroom exchange that now lets you refer the note to multiple manufacturer’s at the same time. Â This will help users add notes more quickly as they do not have to add a common note for every manufacturer.

See the screen-shot below to show the multiple selection options for the mfrs.