Commissions Report

Use the commissions report to determine what is owed to you (the showroom) and what has to be paid out to your reps. The commissions report depends on consistent entry of commission statements (as invoices in Showroom Exchange). The commission entry process is VERY important as the information is used to determine the mfr’s ship-thru %, help determine what is still left open (more on open orders report), and ultimately showroom’s total earnings.

If your brands send commission statements without a payment, just to report their shipments, you would have entered the commission statements with the invoices ‘pdate’ left blank. The same report can be used to filter “Unpaid” invoices.


commissions report1



On the criteria page, you can enter filters to create very specific reports, such as those analyzing just one rep, just the showroom, or just one manufacturer. Note that you can also filter by paid/unpaid status.

commissions report2



Click “generate report” to see the result of the commission report, like the one below. The report shows commissions broken down by rep (including the showroom rep, i.e. the showroom as a whole) and manufacturer. A summary report only shows reps and the totals of how much they made from each line, while the detailed version lists invoices with their relevant information.

commissions report3


Aiming for Zero – Open Orders Report

The open orders report lists all orders that have not yet completely shipped (i.e.; more than 1% open).

The accuracy of the open order report is dependent on the consistent entry of commission statements (as invoices in Showroom Exchange).

Maximize your revenue!
Use this regularly to followup on open orders (especially after entering commission statements).

open orders



The report criteria page of the open orders report is very similar to other reports (select the filters to define what open orders you want to see).

You can filter by how “open” an order is based on $s (i.e. $500-%1000 open) or % (i.e. over 50% open).

Couple of important noteworthy filters to consider:

“show commission calculation”
Use this check-box to let the brand know the exact commission $ amount due for an outstanding open order. Use “Open $” and “show comm for SR rep only.”

show commission calculation
“Show invoice info (detailed only)”
This is helpful to show existing invoices that you may have already entered from past commission statements.


open orders1



Click generate report to see the report result like the detailed report shown below. Detailed reports show specific PO’s that are still open, broken down by manufacturer and rep, and other relevant information about the order.

open orders2



The summary report show general shipping statistics for each brand.

open orders3


Best practices for the Open Order report:

  • run open order reports after invoice entry
  • look at orders 10%-100% open if orders >10% open are not of interest
  • catch open orders from previous months (or years) by using an earlier date, i.e. 01/01/2001
  • remove open balances that will never ship using bulk cancellation to keep your records clean



Hindsight is Definitely 20/20 – Missed Bookings Report

The missed bookings report analyzes your orders and based on your search criteria, finds customers who have missed bookings. This report is perfect for finding those customers who still need a follow up to make a sale.
Find the Missed Bookings report in the Analysis section of the Reports tab.

missed bookings1


Here are the essential steps for entering your report criteria:

1) Select the manufacturer(s) you are finding missed bookings for

2) Select if you are looking for orders based on order date or cancel date. Cancel date is the option most commonly used.

3) Enter the date range you are looking for missed bookings in. In the example below, we are looking for customers without orders between July 1st and September 30th.

4) Clarify if you are analyzing the period as a whole. This options allows you to specify if you’re satisfied with a customer placing an order for 1 of the 3 months (Jul, Aug & Sep). If so, set to “Yes.”
example: A customer has placed an order for Aug, will not appear in the report.

…or if you would like to see a booking for each month, set to “No”.
example: The same customer will appear in Jul & Sep.

5) This second date range is to help specify which customers you would like to consider. In the example below, the report will 1st pull up customers who have orders between January 1st and June 30th, and will only display those who have not placed an order between July 1st and September 30th. This date range selection helps focus on “active” customers, those with recent bookings and exclude customers that had purchased from the selected brand sometime in the not so recent past.

missed bookings2



After clicking “generate report” the results will look like the example below. Customers with missing orders are listed with their last order/cancel date and their contact info under manufacturers and date ranges.

The next step will be any combination of the following for contacting the customer:

  1. Call them.
  2. Create a note entry.
  3. Tag them for market call (if applicable).
  4. Send a personalized bulk email.


missed bookings3

Top Customers Report

The Top Customer Report is one the most frequently used reports. It to used to list customers with the most sales based on search criteria.

Under the reports tab (as shown below, 1), click on “Top Customers” (2). Hover the cursor over a report name to see a description of that report.

top customers

1. As shown below, first enter how many top customers you want to see (e.g. top 5, top 10, top 100).

2. Select the order status you would like to base your top customers on (e.g. top 10 customer based on active dollars over shipped dollars). We normally suggest using active over booked because it’s a more realistic since it considers any revisions/cancellations.

3. Select the filters you would like (e.g. top 10 customers over a certain time period, from a certain market, or from a certain state).

4. Select if you want to include inactive customers and manufacturers.

5. Click “Generate Report” to see the results.


top customers2



…is “rep selection.” If you are filtering by rep, decide between examining customers assigned reps or reps assigned to orders (rep1).



1. As shown below, the resulting report lists the top customers by rank, ordering them by dollar amount (2).

3. From the report, you can extract a customer’s email, make notes, and change market call labels.

top customers3

Essential Features for Report Results

When reviewing report results, there are several useful features that make your day-to-day more efficient and increase your business.
Showroom owners/managers may restrict their reps ability to Save and/or Print the report result.

Once a report is generated, there are many ways you can work with the result:

1) Clicking the printer icon allows you to print the report.

2) Clicking the floppy disk icon saves/exports the report. In the drop down menu next to the icon, you can select the file type the file will save as. Most commons formats are PDF and CSV (for Excel).

3) You can send a Personalized Bulk Email to all of the contacts within the report. You can also export a list of all email address within the report that you can use to create a bulk email.

4) You can email the report itself.

5) You can create a note under all of the customers within the report.

report features




Saved Searches

If you have a repeated report that you often use the same criteria, save time by saving the report criteria so you don’t have to reenter the filters every time.

1) Click “Save Report Criteria” near the top of the page.

2) Click “add current search” once the criteria you wish to save has been entered.

3) Enter a name you would like to save the search as. Click the green check mark.

4) Click “saved searches” for a list of your searches to appear. Delete your saved searches by clicking “remove all searches”

saved search reports

Project Your Commissions

Commission Projections, one of our most popular reports, estimates the commission your showroom will receive in the future based on realistic parameters, e.g.; what % of your booking will ship and when you typically get paid, such as 2 or 3 months after the cancellation date.


commission projection report1

“by rep/mfr” selection is ideal for reporting your reps’ expected commissions.
“by mfr” selection is ideal for reporting your showroom’s expected commission.

commission projection report2



1. “% of booked orders that will ship,” is used to calculate the commission due – this the % you expect the mfr/brand to ship.

2. Check the box next to “Make my AR look more realistic” to shift commission dollar values to the months you are most likely to receive them.


commission projection report3





Sample results:


commission projection report4

commission projection report5