email protection with dmarc

DMARC stands for Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance. it is an email authentication guideline (protocol) that helps protect against email fraud and phishing.

in a move to safeguard user inboxes, gmail and yahoo announced a new set of requirements for senders. effective february 2024, the new requirements affect email senders who distribute over 5,000 bulk messages per day or have less than 0.3% of messages reported as spam. failure to comply with the new requirements may result in gmail and yahoo rejecting message delivery to their customers.

the goal?
make inboxes safer and less cluttered with spam.

this post is in reference to your email deliverability and affects your eblasts whether you use Showroom Exchange or another ESP/email-service-provider. please share this post with your marketing and i.t. team. or email for assistance with your domain’s dmarc setup.

both email service providers have set 3 main requirements to ensure email delivery:
(a) email authentication
(b) easy unsubscribing
(c) a low spam rate.


(a) your i.t. can help with this or email
(b) in compliance with can-spam act, almost all eblast service providers (including SE) embed the unsubscribe feature – most reputable ESPs such as Constant Contact do this too
(c) spam rates should be kept at or below 0.3%, that’s a rate of 3 in 1000. ideally, it should be under 0.1%.
SE’s 2023 collective (all showrooms combined) average rate remained well below 0.1% mark (max was at 0.00206883581 / ~0.2% on november 24th)

you can also check your domain’s dmarc status here:

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