Your Showroom Address on The Bottom of Outgoing e-Blasts (PBEs)

Showroom Exchange will continue to comply with the can-spam act (i.e.; Rules for e-mail marketing).

To further automate this compliance, effective immediately, your showroom’s physical address will be displayed at the footer of your marketing emails.

If you manually added your physical address to your marketing emails, please discontinue as it will cause duplication.

In accordance with the can-spam act, you must also follow these 3 points:
1. Don’t use false or misleading header information. Your “From,” “To,” “Reply-To,” and routing information, including the originating domain name and email address, must be accurate and identify the person or business who initiated the message.
2. Don’t use deceptive subject lines. The subject line must accurately reflect the content of the message.
3. Identify the message as an ad. The law gives you a lot of leeway in how to do this, but you must disclose clearly and conspicuously that your message is an advertisement.

For additional information on the can-spam act please visit the link below:

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