If You Own YourCompanyDomain.com, There is No Need to Send From “DO_NOT_…@…exchange.com”

In order to send eblasts from anyone@yourshowroom.com we need to update your domain records (for yourshowroom.com hosted @ yourregistrar.com), we can provide the records to be added in a csv (or excel) file.

This is not something we opted in for, but fully support. Our email relay provider has made their rules stricter to minimize spams.

There are 3 ways to handle this, (all 3 will require your login credentials for yourregistrar.com):
1. Ask your i.t. contact to make the change (with CSV/Excel file we will provide) and let us know once you’re done.
2. Provide your yourregistrar.com login credentials to us and we will do the rest. YOU SHOULD change your password after we’re done.
3. If you prefer not to share your password, we can remote connect and guide you through the process.

After the change @ your registrar, on average, it takes approx 2 to 4 hours (we have seen it as little as 30 min and as long as 6 hours) after the change takes affect. Next we will receive a notice that your domain is verified.

We will let you know and you can start/resume sending blasts as anyone@yourshowroom.com

Certain DNS hosting providers such as Yahoo will need to be contacted directly to add the new DNS records. Others like GoDaddy are fast and easy to update.

Though we have referenced your registrar in this blog post, your name servers (DNS Hosting) is what interests us:

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