Customer Search by Zip Code

When filtering/searching for customers, you may use the zip code column to search the surrounding region (e.g. 90210, as shown in the screenshot below).

After entering the zip code, press the tab key to then enter a mile radius around the zip code. Any customer with a valid address and zip code that meets the criteria will be included in the search.

In the resulting list of customers, an old-compass icon will be displayed following the zip code for each row. Clicking on the icon for a given customer will list the distance (in miles) from that customer’s address to the rest.

In the example below, “Soot Bull Jeep” is 2.6 miles from “Macy’s” and “Dream Scene” is 7.9 miles from “Macy’s.”
“Brass Nuckles” does not have a distance listed due to its inaccurate address.

To view customers in a specific zip code ONLY, e.g.; only 90210, after pressing tab, leave the default miles value as zero.


Once you’ve pulled up the customers within a given area, you can view them on a map, create driving directions, send bulk emails, etc.

Eliminate “” from e-blasts

If you’re not using a free web-based email service provider,* such as,, etc. (aol & yahoo are exceptions) i.e.; if you’re using your own domain similar to, or, you can avoid sending e-blasts that say…

FROM: (sent on behalf of

and with a couple of steps, your e-blast recipients will see your YOUR address in the FROM field, without any mention of “”:




** The following instructions are technical. The person who maintains your registrar should be familiar with them. Alternatively, you can contact the registrar’s technical support team. **

Ask the person who maintains your domain name records to add the contents in the parenthesis #A to your zone file’s SPF record:

#A (
NOTE: (~all) is recommended instead of (-all)

If an SPF record does not already exist, one must be created.

If you’re not sure who your registrar is, visit to look-up your domain name and look for the line identified with “Registrar“.



When the change is completed on your end, email We will use the following tools/web-links to verify the same:

Once verified, we’ll flip a switch on our end and ask you to logout/login once.
With your next login your e-blasts will originate from your company email address.


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