How to resize images for Showroom Exchange quickly and easily

One common question is, “How do I re-size this picture for Showroom Exchange”

While there are many ways to do this, we have decided to write about two popular options.

For users who only need to re-size one or two pictures or who work on Apple computers, the easiest way is to visit
Once there, you can upload your image and select the size you want it to be. We recommend a custom size of 640×480 or smaller for pictures or 800×600 for flyer-type pictures. The supported format for Showroom Exchange is either JPG or GIF.

If you are a Windows user and find that you have to resize pictures frequently, you may want to download ‘Powertoy Image Resizer’ from

Once this program is downloaded and installed, you can select one or multiple pictures, right click on your mouse and select ‘resize picture’ Our recommended settings are the same, either 640×480 or 800×600.

* Review privacy/terms
* Always check with your i.t. contact before installing a new application.

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