FASTEST method for getting i.t./technical help

We have just completed the implementation of a more responsive support structure. We are now able to centrally monitor and manage all support requests.

There are now a couple of options for requesting help:
1. Emailing or
2. Visiting and entering your request there. Please email us if you do not have a login for the website and we will reply with your credentials.

An advantage to using this new support-system is that you will be able to log into the support site and check the status of your request in real-time. You will also be able to update your request and access past issues for reference or to address billing related Qs from your accounting department.
For a short tutorial on how the support site works, please click on this link to view a brief 1 minute demo:

Call us if you are interested in our IT services:
213 438 0600 x22

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