Compare Manufacturers’ and Customers’ Sales by Year

The manufacturer yearly comparison report and the customer yearly comparison report can examine and compare sales (for a specific period) over the last few years. Use these reports to view the ranking of custs/mfrs for each year, their % of total annual sales, their ship-thru %, and % changes between the years.

These are the perfect tools for monitoring the growth of your business, as well as the performance of your brands.

Find both the Mfr Yearly Comparison report and the Cust Yearly Comparison report on the reports tab

comparison reports3


On the Reports Criteria page, there are two important options different than the usual filters:

1. Decide if you wish to analyse sales based on order date or cancel date. Cancel date is the time frame typically used.

2. When you filter by date, the range must be within one calendar year, because that range will be analyzed in past years as well. Enter 01/01/## – 12/31/## to compare year totals, or select a smaller window of time to see how it compares to the same period in past years.

comparison reports2



The report results will show you customers or manufactures and their annual sales, breaking down each year by rank, active dollars, % of total sales, % shipping rate, and % change to the year prior.

comparison reports1

Best practices for the manufacturer yearly comparison report:

  • run this report annually to help plan your sales projections for the new year
  • compare manufacturers over the past several years to see which manufacturers have gained traction and which are falling behind

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