How Much Excel is Too Much?

Excel has been around for sometime and has become an indispensable tool

While Excel is a great analytical tool and we encourage its use, small businesses must pay attention not just to the amount of time spent on Excel, but also to the frequency of use and what portion of that effort is redundant.

Meet with your team and determine the amount of time you spend manipulating Excel file s on a daily/weekly basis. Determine redundancy and use a simple equation to evaluate the cost to your business. e.g.; 4 hours per week @ $15/hr is just under $3,000/year. This cost does not include loss of efficiency by conducting other non-Excel related tasks.

Contact us to see if there is an existing report that is similar enough to minimize or eliminate your Excel effort , or about the possibility of creating a custom report to eliminate maintenance of an Excel file and free up time for other tasks.

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