6 Benefits of Scanning Orders

Showroom Exchange’s order scanning add-on module (visual order management) allows you to scan and upload (in bulk) your orders (after order-entry).

What is it for?
Instead of leaving your desk to pull a physical copy of the order, use a single click to view the order as an image.

Usage scenario:
If a retailer contacts your showroom and mentions they did not order a style, your reps can view the original order and forward a copy to the retailer if necessary.

Is it right for our showroom?
1- How often should your reps leave their desk to pull an order (from the filing cabinet) but do not because they are too busy or it is too time consuming?
2- How often do your reps pull orders (from the filing cabinet) per day?
3- How often are your reps on the road and require access to the filing cabinet?
4- How do you share a single order copy between multiple locations? e.g.; bicoastal showrooms, home office and showroom
5- With an order image a click away, will your reps be more likely to look up orders?
6- How often does rep-A pull an order and forget to return it (or misplaces it) and rep-B cannot find the same order?

considering #2 from above:
It takes the average rep 2 to 3 minutes to lookup an order (assuming it was properly filed). This includes round trip (for a very small office) to the filing cabinet and re-filing of the order. 2 to 3 minutes does not include time to scan and email/fax, if necessary.
Repeated 3 to 5 times per day (for each rep), that’s approximately a 10 minute average per rep/day vs. 3 to 5 clicks (PLUS one-time scan effort).

Ultimately, it just boils down to time savings and productivity.

What it does not do:
eliminate the order entry process

What next?
– If feasible, measure the above for your own showroom and engage your reps for their feedback.
– Contact us to schedule time for a demo. tel: 213-438-0600 ext 2 or email help@readytoview.com


6 Benefits of Scanning Orders

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    1. YES. you can email multiple orders to your manufacturer, with a single click.
      to keep the email size manageable (for large quantity emails,) showroom exchange will separate them into multiple ones and tag their subject line accordingly, e.g.; [1 of 2], [2 of 2], etc.

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