Embedding videos in your Personalized Bulk E-Mails

3rd party solutions/tools are referenced in this post.
Please review their Privacy/Terms pages.

To get started, here is what you will need.

  1. A Video file uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo or a similar site.
  2. An image that you would like to use as a cover-photo/thumbnail for the Video.

The Video file should be hosted, e.g.; on YouTube, Vimeo or ANY file/video hosting service.
Once the Video is uploaded, you will have a web-link (URL) for your video. e.g.; www.youtube.com/myvideo
To add a cover photo for your video with a play button we recommend you use the following tool (or any similar tool)

  • In the ‘Enter Image URL’ section, provide the URL from Showroom Exchange
  • Select your preferred play button
  • Enter a value between 500 ~ 700 (pixels) for the Width

…and click the “Generate Image” button.

The generated image is the file you will use to upload to Showroom Exchange.

  • Use (1) (2) to upload the image that was generated from http://addplaybuttontoimage.way4info.net/
  • Switch to the Link tab (3) and copy/paste the URL for your video
  • Click OK

Send yourself a test before executing the Final Send.

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