Update “Profile” and “Rating” in Bulk

If you ever need to change the “profile” or “ratings” field for multiple customers, you can do so quickly by editing those fields in bulk.

Click on the “bomb” icon next to either “rating” or “profile” to revise the contents of the respective column. The feature will edit the profiles of the customers that have been pulled-up by searches and filters, not the entire customer base.
The entire customer base WILL BE updated if no filter (search-criteria) has been entered.

There are three kinds of edits you can make:
– Find and Replace: Look for existing content and replace it with a new one.
– Replace Entire Field Contents: Replace the entire field, regardless of its current content.
– Clear All: Clear fields of all selected customers.

Click “Proceed” to save your edits.

Why the “bomb” icon?
There is no UNDO button!

bulk update profile rating


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