Seasons & Projections

We offer Seasons & Projections as optional features of Showroom Exchange.

With seasons, you can mark orders by season and season year. This allows you to track, search, and filter orders/customer order history by season.

Below are screenshots of adding an order, the orders tab, and the customer tab with seasons.





You may also automate the assignment of Seasons during order entry by defining rule-sets per mfr. e.g.; Assign any order entered for MfrX between 1/1/ANY_Year and 3/30/ANY_YEAR to Fall.



The seasons feature also allows you to further analyze your data with two additional reports:
1) Forecasting Analysis by Season and
2) Season Comparison.



Forecasting Analysis by Season

The seasons feature lets you make projections of your sales based on seasons. You can assign projected dollar values to customers as well as mfr’s (see below).

assign projection2 assign projection




You can then use the “Forecasting Analysis by Season” report to summarize your projections as well as compare them to your actual sales once orders have been entered (see below).

assign projection1


assign projection3


Season Comparison

In the Season Comparison Report, you can compare bookings by season and year, much like mfr yearly comparison and cust yearly comparison. Below, a sample report result:



If you’re interested in activating the Seasons and Projections add-on to your showroom’s account, send us an email to and check out our pricing page for details:

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