Keep an Eye on Your Unsubscribers & Re-engage Them

From the PBE (“Personalized Bulk Email”) Sent Items page, you can manage the email recipients that have unsubscribed.

After clicking on PBE sent items under the customer tab (shown below), click on the envelope icon (below the ‘to’ column) by any message to view the addresses it was sent to.

A subscription icon will appear next to each email address. Just like on the customer tab, clicking on the icon will show their subscription status as well as an email template you can send asking the receiver to resubscribe.
IT IS BEST to do this while you’re on a call with the respective recipient, otherwise this may be considered further spamming. The same approach should be considered daily when engaging your customers (from the customer tab).

Note: Any email addresses with an unsubscribed icon does not necessarily mean that they unsubscribed from the same e-blast.