Market Codes (mktcode), Customers vs. Orders Tab

mktcode stands for Market code (also represents the location where the order was booked, e.g.; trade show, market week, road, showroom, etc.)

mktcodes have 2 different associations:

On the Customer profile (tab): Refers to where you met your customer. i.e.; LA Market, New York Market. Most showrooms that do not wish to track this, will use “Showroom” as the mktcode when entering new customers.

On the Order record (tab): Used to note where the order was booked.

Relevance: Use mktcode to tag customers and notes so you can then search by that tag, i.e. search for all orders made during LA Market

Both Customers and Orders Tabs can hide/show the mktcode column using the ‘customize this view’ link

market code

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