Mark Multiple Invoices as Paid

Some brands/mfrs often report their shipments and pay the showroom later.
You may enter the shipments as invoices and later update their pdate (paid date) with the check-date or the wire-transfer date.

With the “mark multi-invoices as paid” feature under the invoices tab, you can quickly enter in a single pdate for many invoices at one time, making update of these unpaid invoices quick and easy.


  • Click “mark multi-invoices as paid”

mark multiple invoices paid


  • Enter in the manufacturer at the top of the screen as well as the pay date (see below, 1)
  • Enter in the invoice PO #’s (2)
  • Click “save” to process the invoices you entered as paid (3)

mark multiple invoices paid2

You can also quickly copy a list of invoice POs from excel and paste it into the text field (see video below)

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