Invoice Import Add-On

Showroom Exchange offers an optional feature that allows you to bulk-import invoices (your commission statements).
Ask your brands/mfrs to send your commission/shipment reports in an Excel sheets that includes the expected information, such as mfr po #, invoice #, amount shipped, date paid, etc.,
You can import this information all at once, eliminating data-entry.

Once the optional feature is activated, you can access it from the reports tab and by clicking “import/export options” to bulk import invoices.


invoice import




The next page is where you can both download a sample invoice import excel template file and submit the invoice import files for processing. To download the template file, click on the link “SR_Invoices” at the bottom of the page. To import a completed file or a .zip of completed Excel files, click browse, select the file, then click “submit” at the bottom of the page.

NOTE the section titled “Important:”, it contains important requirements necessary to properly import invoices.


invoice import2




Showroom Exchange will then process the invoices on the provided excel sheet.

1) The following page shows you how many records will AND won’t be imported (due to errors or missing info).
2) To see why records might not have been imported, click on the TXT or CSV links to download error logs.
3) Click proceed to save the successfully imported invoices

invoice import3



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