Fundamental change to the searching function in showroom exchange

In an effort to make searching simpler and more intuitive, we have made a change to the search function on view pages. This change does not apply to report filters.

You will no longer be required to use an asterisk (*) when doing a wildcard searches in any of the columns on the view pages, e.g., customers, orders, etc. We have changed Showroom Exchange so that all you need to do is type out the criteria you are looking for.

“fred” will yield the same result as “*fred*”

“fred*” and “*fred” will still behave as they did before

If it is your preference to continuing using the old logic, we can switch your showroom back. Just email with the following subject, “switch back the search function”

Please click on the link below to view a video that shows these changes.

Click here to view the changes to customer and order search

– the showroom exchange team

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