To track discounts in Showroom Exchange, consider the following:

How does tracking discounts matter to your showroom?
A) Are they commission related? When a discount is applied, does it lower the rep’s and the showroom’s commission rate? If a $100 order with a 10% discount ships 100% complete, does the brand show $90 or $100 in their commission statement?
B) Are they more booking related? e.g.; On a $100 order with a 10% discount, would the showroom view the order booked as $100 or $90? Does the rep get $100 or $90 booking credit?


An excel sheet illustrating the three Scenarios is below:



Scenario A)

If entering the order with the discounted total works for you and rep commissions are based on discounted values, then simply enter the order at discounted prices. Commissions will be correct. e.g.; rep’s standard commission rate is 1%, order is entered @ $90 and the rep’s comm will be $9.

This method is best used when your showroom cares about discounted commissions, doesn’t care about non-discounted booking totals, and doesn’t care to track discounts.


Scenario B)

If you want to enter the non-discounted dollar values into Showroom Exchange, but commissions are based on discounted values, enter the correct discounted rep commission during order entry (e.g.; 0.9% comm for $100), or for a more automated approach, use the commission matrix feature.

Following the above example:



If you have opted to use the commission matrix, make sure to edit the SR’s commission on an order and the rep’s commission will adjust accordingly.


Scenario C)

You can create/use a new cancellation (revision) reason (e.g., “[sr] discount”) and apply a discount. This allows for the non-discounted total to be entered and the commissions will be based on discounted values (see below).






Like Scenario A, this method is best used when your showroom cares about discounted commissions and doesn’t care about non discounted booking totals, but use this scenario if you DO care to track discounts.




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