Conditional Rep Comm % Assignment (Based on % paid to showroom by mfr)

You can now assign conditional rep commission rates based on the percentage paid by the manufacturer.

This is helpful for reducing commission % paid to your reps when manufacturers pay the showrooms a rate lower than their regular percentage.

When you pre-define a condition, the rep’s commission % is also revised during order entry.

In the video demonstration below, the standard rate paid to the showroom by the mfr (humin) is 10%. The rep’s (EJ) standard commission rate is 2%.

We defined a condition so that EJ (the rep) receives only 0.5% rather than his usual 2% when the mfr pays the showroom 8%.

When entering an order, the 10% will be automatically populated for the showroom, and 2% for the rep. Before adding the order, if the user changes the 10% to 8%, the standard 2% will also change to 0.5%.

This is an optional feature and must be requested by the showroom owner or manager.

If you would like to enable it, please email

Please play the video below for a brief tutorial.

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