Certain User-IDs Cannot View Specific Reps or Customers

1. Log into showroom exchange as an admin user
2. Hover over the Setup Categories tab and click on showroom users
3. Click on associate rep to ter/subter/state

Setup Categories > Showroom Users

4. Click on the dropdown menu and select the rep that is not showing up

Rep Assignments

5. Select applicable territories, sub-territories, and state OR check all. Here you are associating the respective territories, sub-territories and/or state value(s) to the specific rep

Reps Checked

6. Hit [save changes to current record] or [add new record] when completed

7. Repeat steps 5-6 for every rep listed in the drop-down with partial or no assignment

Reps Drop Down

8. Click “back to list screen”

9. Click the user-Id that is not able to see the rep

User Login

10. Scroll to the middle of the page and look for the rep section

11. Check all applicable reps for this user-Id to authorize access

Rep Check in User Login


12. Click “save changes to current record”

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