When is the Best Time to Send an Eblast?

Knowing when to send your bulk email is crucial for optimizing how many people see your content and increasing deliverability.

Most email marketing campaigns are sent between 8-10 AM on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. However, sending your eblast with everyone else might discourage your message being opened. Statistics are showing that there are other time windows that show better open rates (percentage of recipients that open your message).

  • Weekends see the least amount of emarketing, but these emails typically get the highest open and click through rates (click through rate is the percentage of recipients that click on the links in your message). The weekends are a good time to send out your email campaigns because you’ll have little competition for your recipient’s attention.
  • Messages sent late at night, between 8-12 pm, have a high 22.7% open rate, compared to the usual 17% when sent in the daytime. Click through rates were higher too.
  • No one time/day is perfect for everybody. Try analyzing your recipients and thinking about when they would be most likely to open emails. Send your emails at different times to compare and see what time works best for your business.

Quarterly Email Benchmark Study



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