Best Practice for Personalized Bulk Emails

You can never undo a bulk send! When creating a personalized bulk email, don’t forget to first send a test to yourself. This will help confirm that you are happy with the results.

Follow these simple steps. First, create a test customer in showroom exchange and name it after something you’ll remember. e.g.; your showroom and your reps as the contacts. Under the contact email fields, add seed accounts for testing. e.g.;
Email3: *
Email4: *
Email5: *
*use existing accounts or create new ones

After your test customer is created, search for it on the customer view.
Choose “use email or fax of all contacts” and click “personalized bulk email.”


PBE All Contacts


Now create your personalized bulk email. When completed, be sure to save as a template before sending. This way, when sending a personalized bulk email, you can review it from different emails to verify that you are satisfied with the end results.

If all looks good in the multiple inboxes, you can then send out the blast to your targeted recipients. Also, don’t forget to change the target recipient from ALL to Primary, assuming that you only intend to send it to just the main contact.

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